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Creating comfortable space without changing the roof shape.

Material of heat shield paint front-face Material of heat shield paint back-face

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What is Heat Shield Paint?
  • Heat Shield Paint is basically a kind of paint that reflects a lot of light.
    By reflecting a lot of light from the sun, it has the effect of suppressing the conversion of light into heat energy and reducing the accumulation of heat.
    There are 3 types of light: Ultraviolet light, Visible light and Infrared light. Among them, the paint reflects infrared light (the one which generates heat) the most.
  • Does the ability of reflection change depending on the color?
  • In general, colors closer to white spectrum have the highest reflectance rate, while colors closer to black spectrum have lower reflectance rate.
    Therefore, a light color generally gives a heat shield effect.
  • How effective is the Heat Shield Paint?
    Genrally, if a coating membrane remains attached, the heat shield will last long. Note that the effect may be reduced due to dirt on the surface.
    Is there other kind of paints that work in similar way?
    We have abundant line-up of heat shield paints, as well as paints that emphasize weather resistance such as fluorine and silicone resin.


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