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Keeping the beauty of Japanese wooden architecture while protecting them

Wood paint material front-face Wood paint material back-face

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What is Wood Paint?
  • The main purpose of this kind of paint is to protect the wood.
    As we all know, wood is vastly used for architectural structures in Japan.
    While there are advantages of using them, such as the aesthetics and the relatively low difficulty in processing them.
    Wood has its weak points because of its natural property, such as sesceptible to batural cases such as sunlight, wind, rain, mold and fungi.
    Wood protection paint is a paint that can be maintained regularly to protect wood from natural enemies and maintain their beauty.
  • What is Natural Paint?
  • Generally, it refers to paints made from natural materials (vegetable fats and oils, natural resins, etc.) as the main raw materials.
    Colors close to white color have the highest reflectance, while colors close to black color have lower reflectance.
    It can be said that a bright color such as white generally tends to provide a heat shielding effect.
  • How long does the effect of wood paint last?
    The effect varies depending on the condition of the coated object (the applied wood parts), but applying it regularly will increase the durability and the resistant to weather changes over time.
    Recently, we have a line-up of products that are resistant to insects, mildew, mold and also some with antiseptic properties, so we can provide paints according to the condition.
    Can I do the painting process by myself?
    Yes, you can.
    There are some undiluted wood paint products available, so there is no need to dilute them with thinner or anything. For the process, you don't even need scaffolding; you can do a DIY painting on a simple wooden deck in your yards.


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    • Catelog of Iroha
      IROHA (RJ)

      Penetrating wood protection paint

      An ecologically beautiful Japanese color paint that has a beautiful finish, resembles the spirit of Japan and never ceases to follow the flow of the times.

    • Catelog of Euro color
      Euro Color (Osaka Paint)

      Wood color protection, Natural paint

      ECO friendly paint that uses natural materials such as vegetable oils, as raw materials.
      In addition, it has antibacterial properties by blending Hiba oil, which contains hinokitiol as a component, without using harmful chemicals.
      Low odor type with good workability, and can be widely used for interior and exterior made up of wood, wooden furniture, crafts, park playing equipment, gardening, etc.

    • Catelog of Osmo color
      Osmo Color (Osmo)

      Natural paints - as safe as food products

      The vegetable oils (sunflower oil, soybean oil, thistle oil), waxes and pigments used in Osmo color are as safe as those used in foods.
      The solvent is white spirit that is compatibli with German Pharmacopoeia with all the harmful compoments removed. It doesnot contain turpentine or citrus oil that may cause allergies.
      No preservatives added.


    • Catelog of Xyla Decor
      Xyla Decor (Osaka Gas Chemicals)

      Professionally reconized for finish and durability with over 45 years of experience.
      A classic wood protection paint brand with a track record of more than 45 years.
      Quality proven to have antiseptic, mildew and bug resistant effects that have been acknowledged by many companies.

    • Catelog of Baton
      Baton (Otani paint)

      Penetrating wood color protection paint

      An easy to use coloring paint that is friendly to people and the environment.
      The Food Safety and Sanitation Law have granted a status that the coating film is safe.

    • Catelog of Non-lot
      Non-Lot 205N - Clean (Mitsui Chemicals)

      This is a next-generation high-performance wood protection paint that was created by taking on the theme of "how to protect wood while making the most of its breathability."

    • Catelog of Rig no bright
      Rignobright (Mitsui Chemicals)

      For undercoat only.

      Especially for outdoor woods that has been deteriorated by being exposed to wind and rain or ultraviolet rays. After throughly removing dirt and mold, apply "Rignobright" undercoat once. After that, we recommend another method to apply the wood protective paint with "designated standard painting".


    • Catelog of Xyla Decor Conzoran
      Xyla Decor Conzoran (Osaka Gas Chemical)

      High durability, water-based, film forming type.

      We are throughly aiming for the quality of the coating. A paint that combines "strength" and "beauty".

    • Catelog of water-based Baton Plus
      Water-Based Baton Plus (Otani Paint)

      Natural wood protection paint

      Paint made in Japan, with Japanese technology, to match Japanese climate.